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Contego Solutions offers a wide range of Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics courses. Our trainers have extensive experience in different industries including enterprise, government and law enforcement agencies. Depending on the client requirements, we can customize training courses that will suit the client’s needs. The training courses can either be theory or hands-on approach or a mix depending on the initial training assessment we will conduct with the client. As the regional partner for many of the leading Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics solutions providers, we offer solutions based training which leads to Vendor certification.

We respond to client training requests by conducting an initial training assessment requirements questionnaire. Our questionnaire will be through to ensure that the client agrees with the scope of the training and their trainees obtain the maximum learning value to enable them to immediately use their newly acquired skills and be more productive and efficient in the workplace.

  • Our Training Courses

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This training is target specific digital forensics items that requires advanced trainings provided by the technology vendors. Contego Solutions offer to design and plan the required professional training to our clients


Mobile Forensic Training Courses covers basic, intermediate and advanced techniques designed to give you an understanding of the forensic procedures and methods required to analyze mobile phone equipment using different tools. We have designed few mobile Forensic Training courses depending on foundation to advance level as mentioned below

  1. Core Competence in Mobile Phone Forensics (5 Days)
  2. TeelTech / Wild PCS Mobile Device Repair & JTAG Forensics (5 days)
  3. TeelTech / Wild PCS Advanced BGA Chip-off & Analysis Education (5 days)


Computer forensic Courses are designed to give you a understanding of forensics and the chains to go through when preserving and analyzing a computer and other digital storage media. We have designed few Computer Forensic Training courses depending on foundation to advance level as mentioned below

  1. Forensic Manual – Basic Forensic Understanding (1 Day)
  2. Core Competence in Computer Forensics & Data Recovery (10 Days)
  3. Computer Forensics Awareness & Incident Response (2 Days)
  4. Forensic Techniques for End User Raids (3 Days)
  5. Incident Response & Seizing electronic evidence (5 Days)
  6. Digital Forensics Laboratory Practises (10 Days)


This course is designed to give you an understanding of the methodologies required to conduct high quality Open Source investigations using a wide range of proven tools and techniques. The course will take the delegate through the topology of the internet and networks, utilizing open source resources, onto the capture, presentation and investigation of their findings. A wide range of techniques will be taught, including sourcing of personal information, social media, business information, learning to capture full web pages and even full web sites. The delegate will also be taught to build their own tool kit, the importance of note taking and how to evaluate their own Open Source product. There will also be training in respect of product integrity, evidence production and evidence handling

  1. Initial Open Source Investigation Course (3-5 days)


Contego Solutions™ will deliver 4 weeks of practical hands on demonstrations, training and direction on the use of the data recovery tools within your Laboratory. The aim of this training is to build on individual technical skills & to enable the correct diagnosis of hard drive errors resulting in the ability to commence a suitable data recovery strategy. By the end of the 4 week course, participants will have the confidence to make informed decisions on the correct technical approach to each case to achieve the best possible data recovery outcome.

  1. Core Competence in Data Recovery (4 Weeks)


This course adopts a practical approach in detecting, analyzing, reverse engineering, and eradicating malware. Some of the key aspects of this course include reverse engineering malware from various sources and using various programming languages. This is accomplished by using a standard methodology that involves setting up an inexpensive laboratory, isolating it from production environments, and utilizing a selected set of tools in order to dissect the malware, discover its characteristics, and neutralize its effects.

  1. Malware Analysis Course (4 Days)


Incident Response Training will take you to the next level of managing an incident response team. Given the frequency and complexity of today’s attacks, incident response has become a critical function for organizations. Detecting and efficiently responding to incidents, especially those where critical resources are exposed to elevated risks, has become paramount, and to be effective, incident response efforts must have strong management processes to facilitate and guide them. Managing an incident response team requires special skills and knowledge. A background in information security management or security engineering is not sufficient for managing incidents. Furthermore, incident responders with strong technical skills do not necessarily become effective incident response managers. Special training is necessary.This course will explain how to develop the proper mind set and philosophy needed to create an incident response team in the field and to conduct a seizing electronic evidence duty. The module will explain the major concepts that need to be a part of every digital forensics examination. The module will detail the proper make-up of an incident response team as well as what such a team should be able to produce.

  1. Incident Response & Seizing Electronic Evidence Course (5 days)

For more information about courses and schedules, please feel free to contact us.

  • Our Professional Trainer’s Biography

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1) SükrüDurmaz

Sükrü worked for the Turkish General Command of Gendarmerie in cybercrime and digital forensics fields for 15 years as a law enforcement officer, founder of the first Cyber Crime Center and Digital Forensics Lab, and retired as Gendarmerie Major on February 2013.

Specialties and Key Experiences:

  • Digital Forensics & Security Specialist
  • Digital Forensics & Security Instructor
  • Cyber Crime/Terrorism Consultant
  • e-Discovery Consultant
  • Information Security Consultant
  • Digital Forensics Software & Hardware Tester/Developer
  • Over 3,200 Cyber Crime, Digital Forensics & Security Cases (Incident Response, Seizing Electronic Evidence, Lab Analysis and Reports)
  • Registered Cyber Crimes, Digital Forensics & Security Expert Witness List of Ankara Regional Criminal Prosecutors’ Offices/Courts (2006-Present)

2) Andrew Robert

Andrew has 16 years of experience as a nationally qualified trainer and assessor and have regularly provided training for law enforcement officers. He established the company E5h Forensic Solutions that understands and interprets computer based evidence and certainly addressed the lack of training opportunities for legal profession. Creator of memory analysis tools called Memgator and TrueDecrypter.

Specialties and Key Experiences:

  • Computer Forensic Investigations including (a) Large frauds, (b) Terrorism, (c) Malware Investigations, (d) Volatile data analysis, (e) Criminal investigations including murder, indecent images & importation, (f) Metadata analysis of Microsoft word documents, and (g) Onsite search and seizure
  • Developed UK Law Society approved courses and a high level volatile data analysis course for forensic investigators
  • Expert witness for computer-based evidence in court that resulted successful outcome to the cases
  • Worked as Director of Forensic Services that developed procedures and policies in a fast growing unit that utilises the latest technologies

3) Ryan Washington

Ryan is a digital media analyst and instructor with a solid UNIX and Windows system administration and security background. Almost 20 years of work in the military, intelligence, high technology, and law enforcement areas. He is a certified FBI Expert Witness in Computer Science in South Carolina, USA.

Specialties and Key Experiences:

  • Lead Advanced Systems Instructor associated with all Paraben training systems and programs
  • Principal Forensics Analyst
  • Security and Lead Engineer
  • Digital forensics and threat vulnerability
  • Analysis of digital media using various tools to determine the extent of data breaches
  • Surface analysis of malicious software to ascertain the software’s intended purpose
  • Assess digital and online fingerprints
  • Security incident response, analysis, and recovery, network/computer forensic analysis, WAN/LAN intrusion detection and analysis, risk/vulnerability analysis and mitigation, and log file analysis in conjunction with system analysis. Performed analysis of individual data sets ranging from CD’s to over 4TB. Supported over 150 cases comprised of analyzing approximately 700 hard drives.
  • Contracted to FBI-Special Technologies and Applications Office/Investigative Analysis Unit (IAU) as Operations Project Lead and Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Intelligence Team Lead
  • Special Intelligence Operator of the U.S. Marine Corps – 3rd Marine Division, Okinawa, Japan/Naval Security Group Activity, Rota, Spain/USS LaSalle

4) Numan Ahmad

Numan is a Security &Payments Risk Professional working in leadership positions for Visa International, Ernst & Young, Deloitte and is currently working as a Director at Contego Solutions.

Specialties and Key Experiences:

  • Over 15 years of experience in Information Security, Payments Risk and Fraud, Incident Response & Digital Forensics
  • Advises Financial Institutions, Merchants, Regulators and Law Enforcement on Payment System Risk, Fraud and Digital Forensics
  • Conducted training sessions throughout the GCC on various topics and has been invited to speak at industry events
  • Trained by U.S. CERT in incident response coordination
  • Developed & managed global bank’s incident response program & digital forensics capability
  • Managed security breaches & fraud investigations for visa international in ME region

5) Ahmed Ali

Ahmed is currently the Head of Technical at Contego Solutions where he consults for clients on Information Security, Incident Response and Digital Forensic requirements.

Specialties and Key Experiences:

  • Over 12 years of experience in Network Infrastructure, Security and Digital Forensic Solutions design, deployment and administration.
  • Certified in different technical qualifications which include, GCIH, GCFE, GCFA, ACE, NCIS, XRYE, FEE, ACE, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, and SANS Mentor. He is also trained by SANS, FireEye, AccessData, Guidance Software, Nuix, MicroSystemation, Cisco, Microsoft and other technology vendors.
  • Advised clients on technical and security solutions and best practices. With his extensive knowledge in Digital Forensics, he has consulted for enterprises, government and law enforcement agencies on designing secure digital forensic labs with the latest digital forensics solutions.
  • Specialized in Digital Forensics Laboratories Design, Digital Investigation Systems, Computer Forensics Systems, Mobile Forensics Systems, Network and Media Forensics Systems, Incident Handling and Response.
  • Trained commercial and government agencies on IT Security and Digital Forensics

For any customized courses, Please contact us to schedule meeting with you and evaluate your requirements.