Contego Solutions™ are able to offer the latest technology for digital forensics (including mobile device forensics), network forensics, data decryption and encryption. We are also ideally placed to provide training, consultancy and the professional services to ensure that our clients achieve the best value for their investments.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive digital forensic investigation services, either as a provider in the corporate arena or by working with the Law Enforcement organisations who rely on our services to process the large volumes of equipment and data gathered as part of criminal investigations.

Obviously, we place the highest priority on the security of our clients’ data and we guarantee that our premises are of the highest order, meeting and exceeding the highest security requirements. Our evidence-handling procedures follow international best practice, and encryption of storage devices is a routine procedure for our highly experienced consultants.

In addition to our established forensic and security offering we also offer a comprehensive eDiscovery service which is primarily aimed at our larger corporate clients, for which we have established framework agreements with the mid and upper-tier of law firms, operating within our targeted regions. We utilise a number of leading solutions, but it is our flexibility in both pricing and service, that allows us to ensure, that our clients receive a market-leading service with a significant competitive edge.