Product Highlight: Managed SecureSite Appliance

Website hacking & defacement monitoring cloud based service and appliance.

HACKING IS ON THE RISE! Whether you are a high profile Government Organization or very visible business – your website is your public face. And lately, this public face is under serious attack from hackers. Website defacement and hacking incidents are on the rise and it not only destroys your online viewership but also exposes your clients and site visitors to malware, phishing and inappropriate content. Website Hacking is a serious security threat to an organization – you cannot stop it, but you can be made to stay aware the moment any unauthorized change is made to your website.

SecureSite Appliance is a hardened 1U server that has Managed proprietary security algorithms and software embedded in it to make it ideal for complementing your internal network security infrastructure. With the combination of detection and reporting algorithms in a single appliance, you can easily monitor your internal portals; HR, Finance etc. 24×7 as well as external sites.

Key advantages of SecureSite solutions

Smart Protection
Accurate Detection
Web Page Scanning
Uptime Monitoring

Appliance Specifications

Hardened Secure Appliance
– 1U rackmount
Hardened Linux platform
– 10/100/1000 Networking
– 500GB or 1TB Hard disk
– RAID 0/1 – fully mirrored
– 2-4 GB RAM
– i3/i5 processor
– Power Consumption: 300 W
– 110 – 240 Volts
Deployed inside Enterprise Datacenter to monitor Internal & External Websites

System Configurations

Model MSS-20

Hardened Linux
10/100/1000 Networking
Height: 1.95” (4.95cm)
Width: 17.45” (44.33cm)
Depth: 15.2” (38.61cm)
Monitor up to 20 Domains

Model MSS-50
Hardened Linux
10/100/1000 Networking
Height: 1.95” (4.95cm)
Width: 17.45” (44.33cm)
Depth: 15.2” (38.61cm)
Monitor up to 50 Domains

Another critical layer in your organization infrastructure  – SecureSite Website Hacking & Defacement Monitoring Solution works alongside your existing network security infrastructure which normally includes firewall, IPS, IDS etc. SecureSite Solution continuously monitors content of the entire website to alert you on any unauthorized content change.

End-user SecureSite Monitor Dashboard helps you stay informed in real time of any threat detected on the website and gives minute by minute report of on any type of website changes and its performance.