CRU™ is beginning the process of changing its face to the world

As we are starting to present a new image to the marketplace, we’re referring to the company simply as CRU™ (pronounced C-R-U). We have a new CRU logo. We have new product line logos. Our website, marketing materials, product packaging, products–and more–are undergoing changes over the next several months to reflect these new logos and a more consolidated company brand.

This past summer, we conducted a customer research project in which 20 CRU customers and partners were interviewed about their perceptions of CRU, its products, and the industry in general. One of the major findings is that there were several ways that the company was identified.

Our company name and in large part, identity, has been CRU, associated with one of the seven product lines we now have (DataPort®, Data Express®, DataHarbor™, RAX®, RTX™, ToughTech®, and WiebeTech®).

Long story short, we are making a change. We are treading carefully, choosing to phase in our new identity. Yes, there will be inconsistencies. Yes, we’ll probably make mistakes. Over time, though, you will see a company that has demonstrated its expertise across a variety of disciplines, all in the spirit of helping people and organizations protect their digital assets.