Implementation & Training

Our management team has a collective four decades of experience in the field of forensic security solutions. We have a proven track record in our field and can ensure the most professionalism and efficiency in delivering important data solutions to our clients.

We extend a synergistic approach that enables our clients to benefit from our forensics security solutions, at a competitive cost. The digital forensics and eDiscovery markets in the Far East and Middle East, in particular, can benefit from the expert project management that we offer to ensure our solutions are well ingrained in our clients’ organizations.

Contego Solutions Methodology to achieve the successful projects delivery of digital Forensic laboratories deployments includes the following:


The key to our approach is to assemble the right team, with the proven skills, motivation, and tools to achieve our client’s goals. We have done that by including team members who have previously successfully demonstrated the necessary skills, expertise, and experience this team is well rounded and provides at least double coverage on all key skills.

Contego Solutions eliminates a major risk by having required staff identified and in place prior to award. By establishing multi-discipline teams and providing them with a clear mission and powerful tools, the motivation to succeed becomes self-evident. It is our program management philosophy to remove administrative and bureaucratic hurdles allowing the team to focus on accomplishing the mission.

Contego Solutions will ensure that all teams receive Process Optimization Training. This will enable the team to leverage the appropriate tools and techniques throughout the implementation. This will result in our teams continually looking for process inefficiencies and opportunities to improve.

Contego Solutions aims to be the leading distributor and supplier of Digital Forensic Solutions (Hardware & Software) for enterprises and law enforcement agencies. Our portfolio of solutions address the A-to-Z in digital forensics wherewe have become a “one-stop” resource for both solutions and technical expertise. You can rely on the expertiseof our consultants who have extensive experience designing digital forensics solutions. Our Partners include Guidance Software, Access Data, Nuix, MH Services, Oxygen Software, FireEye, Evidence Talks, Micro Systemation and other Leading Digital Forensics Solution Providers.

Contego Solutions also provides Forensic Technology Investigation services. Our experiences Consultants utilize our state of the art Digital Forensics Lab which is equipped with advanced hardware and software and customized for Digital Forensics Investigations and eDiscovery Projects.

Our Professional Trainers have conducted training sessions for Law Enforcement, Enterprises and Government Agencies. We provide customized training in Cybersecurity, Incident Response and Digital Forensics.

Please feel free to contact us to schedule meeting with you and evaluate your requirements.