e-Crime & Information Security Abu Dhabi 2014

e-Crime Abu Dhabi 2014

The St. RegisAbu Dhabi, Nation Tower, Corniche, Abu Dhabi, UAE
September 10, 2014

This conference is the region’s largest gathering of information risk and security professionals who are tasked with safeguarding digital assets, protecting sensitive data and coordinating security and risk strategy. Now in its sixth successful year, the event’s agenda provides practical guidance, tactical insights and real life case studies through a balanced mixture of strategic talks and technical breakout sessions to over 250 senior practitioners. The conference is carefully designed to provide ample networking opportunities affording the information security community an opportunity to discuss industry developments in an invitation-only environment. This market-leading event is relevant to those interested in deepening their subject knowledge and catching up with new and existing peers.

Contego Solutions sponsored an Educational Seminar for this event.

Title: Handling Security Incidents “IR Deep Dive”
Presenter: Ahmed Ali, Head of Technical, Contego Solutions

With information systems attacks being more and more destructive every day, it is guaranteed that attackers keep discovering information systems vulnerabilities to perform successful system intrusions with the aim of stealing, destroying or making use of critical business information. It has become essential for information security specialists to enhance their technical abilities to be able to response correctly and in a timely manner to security incidents.

This education seminar will provide guidelines about the incident handling process and its objectives and will focus on using digital forensic tools to perform incident root cause analysis and restoring systems operation. At the end of the session, a successful attack walk through stressing out the techniques that was used in the attack and the best practices to avoid it will be presented.

What delegates will learn at this session:
• Root Cause Analysis using Memory Forensic, Computer Forensic, and Malware Analysis
• Restoring Operation – Eradication and Recovery
• Case Study: Real attack walk through on “IP theft”

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