What is Electronic Discovery?

Electronic Discovery refers to investigations, criminal and civil cases where there is an exchange of information in an electronic format, which we usually refer to as Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

Increased reliance on ESI and the large use of email as the current standard of daily communication has exploded the volume of electronic information stored on digital media. These huge amounts of electronic evidence present significant challenges for businesses faced with disputes, regulatory and other investigations.

The nature of digital data makes it well suited for investigations – digital data can be electronically searched with ease whereas paper based data must be done manually.

The Electronic Discovery process

Electronic Information can be provided by the parties or can be part of a Digital Forensic Investigation; the process of Electronic Discovery is defined in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

  • Management – the early assessment and management of the project from start to finish
  • Identification – the identification of relevant materials and media to be collected and processed using the Electronic Discovery platform
  • Preservation – to preserve any material that has been identified to ensure that no chances take place to keep the chain of custody
  • Collection – the gathering of ESI for use in the electronic discovery process
  • Processing – reducing the volume of ESI and converting it into the correct form
  • Review – the evaluation and assessment of the reduced ESI for matter relevance
  • Analysis – evaluating ESI for content and context and searching for patterns, topics of interest, key individuals and file content
  • Production – delivery of the ESI to others in the appropriate

Providing Electronic Discovery services

Contego Solutions can provide a range of Electronic Discovery services, in part or full form:

  • Forensic data collection
  • Chain of custody
  • Early case assessment
  • Search and analysis
  • Online review platforms
  • Production
  • Case management


The approach of Contego Solutions is that we believe and understand that one solution does not always fit all and as an independent consultancy we are not tied to using a set technology, therefore allowing us to make an earlycase assessment of the requirements and decide on the best technique and methodology for the investigation.

Contego Solutions can assist in all types of Investigations where digital information is available; ranging from disputes and litigation to internal and individual investigations.

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