Lab design:

We have developed our own methodologies based on many years of experience with different clients and with multiple types of investigations.

We have developed a modular approach to the Forensic Laboratory Design. Our experience demonstrates that almost every customer needs a set of common Forensic equipment (what we call the Core Forensic Laboratory) and on top of that, a number of additional modules. Each of those modules will address a specific need by providing the adequate tools to do the job and not all clients will need the same modules (or at least not with the same components, as some of them will need Basic, Medium or Advanced configurations).Our methodology has strong emphasis on quality, thoroughness and reporting mechanisms


Modular Digital Forensic Laboratory Design

Core Forensic Laboratory:

The common forensics equipment that will enable customers to preform basic forensics investigations, we provide the required consultation to design deploy and maintain a successful Core Forensics Laboratory.

Additional Modules

  • Incident Response: This module is including everything needed to perform efficient incident response actuations: software to collect volatile evidence, to perform live investigations.
  • Evidence Acquisition: A portable solution to provide the required flexibility for in-the-field collection and analysis and everything needed to perform a successful acquisition in a cabin-sized ultra-light case (forensic laptop and jump bag with forensic software, write blockers, hard drive duplicators, adapters, storage, etc.).
  • Evidence Preservation: This module is composed of all equipment you need to keep your evidence safe and keep its chain of custody through time, like fireproof data safe, tamper proof evidence bags, anti-static bags, etc.
  • Password Recovery: It includes specific hardware and software designed to recover unknown or lost passwords using multiple recovery tools and approaches (brute force, rainbow tables, dictionary attacks, hybrid,…)
  • Email Investigations: It includes best software to succeed in the analysis of multiple types of email (Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus, etc.) and webmail (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.).
  • Browser Investigations: It includes software to perform an in-depth analysis of Internet browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.), including Browsing History, Cookies and Cache Analysis.
  • Internet Investigations: All necessary to perform real world searches of identities in multiple search engines and social networks, to discover relationships with other individuals, email accounts, phone numbers, addresses.
  • Optical Media: This module Includes all hardware and software needed to succeed in investigations involving Optical Media(CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, etc.).
  • Multimedia Forensics: All hardware and software to perform advanced multimedia (audio, video, and images) search in computer forensic investigations by analyzing the visual features in the image or video.
  • Mobile Devices Forensics: All hardware and software necessary to perform Mobile Device Forensics in the huge number of existing different devices(cell phones, PDAs, BlackBerrys, iPods, iPhones, GPS Navigators, etc.).
  • Network Forensics: The hardware and software you need to succeed in capturing and analyzing network traffic, including network sensors and analysis stations
  • Malware Analysis: The hardware and software you need to succeed in the analysis of Malicious Software, allowing to perform deep forensic analysis of executable code, creating a complete reverse engineering environment.
  • Media Recovery: This module includes all advanced components, hardware and software, needed in order to recover data from damaged or deleted media from all kind of file systems.

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