Web applications lie at the core of your business. Theyunderpin all services across the enterprise, from Financeto Sales and Marketing, Purchases to R&D and HumanResources.As they have now also become a primary target for hackers,it is crucial to keep Web applications from being jeopardized.Application downtime can severely impact your image,disrupt user access to internal services and adversely affectyour revenue.

Protecting your Web applications and ensuring continuityof service at all times have consequently become majorbusiness imperatives.



  • Web Services / XML Firewall and a Web Application Firewall and vulnerability scanner on the same platform.
  • Protection against SQL Injection and all web attacks.
  • Web Application and Services Protection
  • Alert on abnormal Web Application behaviors
  • Web Application Access Control and Web Traffic Analysis
  • Web Services protection, SOAP/XML, REST, JSON
  • Brute Force Attacks Mitigation
  • Fast XML Parameter Tampering and XML Intrusion Prevention & full XML firewalling capabilities or XML schema validation.
  • Web Application structure discovery and analysis
  • Attack and application reporting and traffic replay
  • User and authentication discovery and analysis
  • Automatic Security Polices Generation and Deployment
  • Full Graphical traffic and application security management
  • Agent-less Web-SSO and identity bridge
  • Integration with Anti-Virus tools
  • Quality of Service management and control

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