EuroForensics 2013

Euroforensics March 2013 Istanbul

In the past few decades, the growth in networking connectivity accompanied by complexity and increase in cyber crimes numbers committed within the electronic networks, forced public and private enterprises, law enforcement agencies, banks, companies and many more organizations to get highly specialized in digital forensics, forensic accounting, auditing, investigation and intelligence, forensic analysis, methodical preservation of evidence and related fields.

EuroForensics” is an exclusively forensic sciences event, held in Istanbul-Turkey since the last three years. The objective of this Conference is to exhibit and promote the latest innovations, technologies in the field of mostly, digital forensics, crime scene investigation, forensic medicine, forensic accounting, surveillance and also many other related sciences /fields.

The distinguished delegates would be attending from segments like forensic experts, cyber crime investigators, crime scene investigators, medical forensic experts, laboratory experts, lawful interception experts, anti fraud experts, anti money laundry experts, various divisions of enforcement, investigation teams in the banks, insurance, shipping, airlines and large organizations, forensic accountants, white collar crime investigators, anti fraud specialists, students and researchers, interested in various fields of the forensic sciences.

It shall be a rare opportunity for the administrators, senior civil servants, entrepreneurs and professionals to connect with the vendors, suppliers, out sourced entities and buyers, on one-on-one, basis. The distinguished delegates shall have the opportunity to reach out to a diverse audience and meet business persons & professionals from the globally known market leaders; interact, discuss the latest trends in the field of digital Forensics; be able to get input and make strategic business development management, losses containment and fraud elimination related decisions.

4th International Forensic Sciences, Cyber Security and Surveillance Technologies Conference & Exhibition
March 27th to 29th, 2013 – Istanbul, Turkey

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