Cyber-attacks & Countermeasures Training Course (Dubai)

Cyber-Attacks & Countermeasures Training Course
June 24 & 25, 2014
Dubai, UAE

Cyber-attacks on businesses have grown significantly more complex. Credit card breaches, malware, distributed denial of service and intellectual property theft are a few examples of cyber-attacks that have made headlines in the media recently. With the increasing attack sophistication, organizations must have the ability and mechanism in place to effectively respond to these incident in order to prevent or minimize financial loss, data theft, fines, damage to reputation and preventing recurrence of security incidents.

Every organization should have their security staff undergo incident response training on a yearly basis. The objective of the “Cyber-attacks & Countermeasures” 2 day training course is to train attendees on Incident Response and how to prepare and respond to different types of cyber-attacks. Our professional trainers have extensive international experience and certifications in developing and managing Incident Response and Digital Forensics programs for some of the leading global companies including in the USA.

The training was designed for the following Professionals:

CIO’s, CISO’s, IT Professionals, IT Security, Incident Response, Digital Forensics & Investigations Professionals, Law Enforcement, Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity & Resilience, PCI DSS Project Managers, Fraud Investigators and others involved in Cybersecurity and Investigations.

Training Agenda:
Day 1: Incident Response & Digital Forensics
Day 2: Cyber-attacks & Countermeasures

Attendees will learn:
• How to develop an internal Incident Response and Digital Forensics Program
• How to establish enterprise wide investigations procedures
• What is the Incident Response Process
• How to conduct Digital Forensics Investigations
• How to develop an Incident Response Architecture
• How to Plan and Design an in-house Digital Forensics Lab
• What are the different Incident Response and Digital Forensics solutions in the market
• What are the different types of cyber-attacks
• How to formulate a response strategy for different types of cyber-attacks

Training Fee is USD 1,200 per delegate.

If you have any questions, please contact Contego Solutions by email at or by telephone +971 4 439 2212 to speak to our Specialists.