Digital Forensics

We provide the latest digital forensics technologies for all your requirements and are specialised in Mobile, Computer, Audio, Video & Network solutions.

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Training & Certifications

Contego Solutions™ is an expert and certified training provider that covers all of the leading and digital forensics technologies and techniques.

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Professional Services

Contego Solutions™ is your trusted advisors with years of experience as government and corporate information security experts, federal agents and police investigators.

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About Us

Contego Solutions™ specialises in high technology solutions in Digital Forensic Solutions, Incident Response Program Development Services, Incident Response Assessment, Training & Incident Simulation Services, Digital Forensic Investigations, and Legal & ediscovery Services.

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Our Team

Contego Solutions™ prides itself on employing a team of highly qualified individuals who are each specialists in their area of expertise.  With qualified forensic investigators, edislosure project managers and information security consultants, the diverse range of skills and experience means that we are well placed to respond to the varied and specific requirements of our clients.

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Our forensic investigators are approved expert witnesses and courtroom trained with years of experience.  Our investigations teams are fully trained and seasoned in the use of EnCase, Forensic Toolkit and other market leading products and applications.

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Strategic Partners